About the Bike Shop:

Founded by Bob Quinn, Quinn’s Bike & Fitness began in 1962. It began as a part time business while Bob continued working as an accountant. Over the years Quinn’s Bike Shop in Old Orchard Beach became well known. New products were added. Bikes and 4-wheel “surries” were available for rent. For many years the surries could be seen all over town, ridden by 2 people sitting side-by-side, with a canopy for shade, and big smiles from both riders.

“Schwinn bikes, the Quality bikes, are best”. That advertising slogan by Schwinn gave Quinn’s Bike Shop the finest line of US made bikes possible. What a great combination! The best bikes built and serviced by the best shop around.

By the early ‘70s the little shop became crowded. Bob decided to move to a larger building. He bought a place on Elm St., US Route 1, in Biddeford. In 1976 the new shop opened. For a while he ran both shops. Customers now had a choice! That summer he hired Mike. Who’s Mike?

Eventually Bob decided that one shop was enough. Interest in renting surries was declining, and the Schwinn Sting-Ray seats were getting weather beaten from sitting in the sun all day for years.

Over the next 30 years the new shop became filled with bikes. Old bikes, new bikes, and more styles to pick from can be found. Accessories, ways to carry bikes on cars, helmets, bike components, it's all there. There is a choice for everyone!