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Our Mission

Keep learning.

Deliver products that people want.

Provide only the highest quality service.

Act in a professional manner to everyone.

Help customers smile.

Always remember that you, the customer, are the boss.

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Shop Hours

Mon: 9:00 - 5:00
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The Bike Shop Is:

Your place to find all styles and sizes of high quality bikes, accessories, and snowshoes. We are a full service shop that has greatly expanded the technology and tools from which to draw upon to service your bike. We restore bikes and provided custom work on classic bikes to bring them to modern performance levels while simultaneously improving upon the classic look of the same style. We repair top line bikes of carbon fiber equipped with 10 or 11 speed rear drive systems, multi-function levers.

We rent bikes, and provide delivery and pick up for your rental needs.

We retained the original name of 'Quinn's Bike & Fitness' because this shop has become a local institution that has long been recognized as the only place to go to find what you are looking for or to get you bike repaired to its highest quality. That service always comes with a smile and friendly greetings that everyone remembers for 50 years.

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